Firearms and Gunpowder

Firearms are still uncommon in Darkon, but they are available. Usually imported from Lamordia, firearm dealers can sometimes be found in the major cities of western Darkon.

Firearm Proficiency
No class has proficient with firearms, however they can be picked up and used by anyone without the proficiency bonus. Proficiency can be gained by selecting Pistol or Musket for the Weapon Master feat.

Slow Reload: An additional benefit of proficiency for firearms is a notable improvement in the speed of reload. Without proficiency, a firearm cannot be reloaded in combat. (Reloading takes 1 minute out of combat.) With proficiency a firearm can be loaded in combat, but retain the Loading attribute that limits firing to one shot per action.

Firearms use gunpowder which can be highly dangerous to adventurers. A critical failure can result in a backfire, or worse, a powder horn can catch a spark. The potential punch of a firearm is alluring, but know that it comes with a risk.

Weapon Cost Damage Weight Properties
Pistol 250 gp 1d10 P 3 lb. Ammunition (Range 30/90), Loading
Musket 500 gp 1d12 P 10 lb. Ammunition (Range 40/120), Loading, Two-Handed
Ammo Cost Weight Notes
Bullets (10) 1 gp 2 lb. Projectile and wadding, no gunpowder.
Powder Horn (10) 35 gp 2 lb. Explosive
Powder Keg (100) 250 gp 20 lb. Very Explosive

Firearms and Gunpowder

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