Character Creation

Each player will have at least two characters at any point in the game. One of these will be your main character, the adviser to Isabella. The second will be a minion of that character, who can be sent on the more dangerous mission. You can have additional minions at your discretion, but you can only control one character at a time, and experience you earn is split evenly between all characters you control. Even the one(s) that died in the session. If more than one of your characters is present in the same scene, you control one of your choice, while the DM will control the others.

Main Character
This is your fledgling noble who is a part of Isabella’s inner circle. Please create them using the following criteria.

  • Level: You will start at 3rd level.
  • Race: You can select from Human, Half-Elf, Elf, Dwarf, or Halfling without checking with the DM. Vistana are available as they are humans, but if you choose to play someone from that ethnic group, please let me know.
  • Classes: Most are available, but if you would like to play a Warlock we need to have a discussion about your patron and how they interact with Ravenloft. Additionally, please keep in mind that you are a noble’s friend or trusted servant, and Barbarians or others may need to come up with some additional backstory for how you wound up in that position.
  • Backgrounds: Most should be fine. Again, remember you are a noble’s friend.
  • Abilities: 4d6 drop the lowest. If you can’t get a good stat block in two tries, please use the standard array or point buy.
  • Hit Points: We will be using the fixed amount. Please also note that the GM will be tracking hit point loss.
  • Starting Gear/Wealth: We will roll starting wealth, and then multiply by a further x10. You will also start with a low level magic item of the DM’s choosing.
  • Alignment: No chaotic evil.
  • Feats: Feats are allowed and can be taken through the Human Variant option or instead of ability score increases.

Minions are 1st level backup characters created by the DM. At any time you can select a minion to control from those created. If none currently available are to your liking, you can put out a help wanted request for a minion of a given class or who has a specific distinguishing feature, but they may not be available until future sessions.

Main Character Death
If your main character dies at any point, one of your minions can be promoted to be a main character, joining Isabella’s inner circle. However, while this individual may now have more authority, they will still be the same level they were. Keep that in mind when endangering your main character, their experience is valuable.

Character Creation

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