Ravenloft is a place for curses. If you utter a curse against another being, the Dark Powers may just make it happen. To “cast” a curse, the following things need to happen.

  1. The player tells the DM what the curse is. Make it dramatic, make it in-character.
  2. The player must spend a Dread point and make an immediate Powers Check.
  3. The DM picks a DC for the curse; taking into account the impact of the curse, how well it fits with the narrative, and the target’s Charisma modifier. The DC is kept secret.
  4. The player rolls a Persuasion check to convince the Dark Powers to grant the curse. Vistani and Half-Vistani have advantage on this roll.
  5. If successful, the curse will take effect when dramatically appropriate.

Curses can be removed by the Remove Curse spell, however the caster of the curse will get a secret Charisma save against the spellcaster’s DC.

NPCs can also curse PCs. Do not anger the Vistani.


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