Health and Injury

In the interest of making people hesitate before rushing into violent conflicts, the following changes are being made to healing. The goal is to slow general healing without penalizing class specific regenerative abilities.

Hitpoint Recovery

  • Hitpoints are not automatically regained after a long rest. Instead you can spend hit dice the same as a short rest. (DMG 267)

Hitpoint Maximums

  • Temporary reductions of a character’s hitpoint maximum only recover one point per long rest.
  • Once per day during a rest, the a use of a healer’s kit can be expended to recover one additional point of hitpoint reduction. (Additional healer’s kit uses do not provide any additional benefit.)
  • The spell Greater Restoration will restore a number of hitpoints to a character’s maximum equal to the caster’s spellcasting trait modifier plus the spell level.
  • A paladin can use their Lay on Hands ability, expending 5 points from their pool of healing to restore one point to a hitpoint maximum.

Critical Hits

  • A player character who is hit by a critical attack will receive the maximum damage the attack could normally do. (No extra dice.)
  • A player character who is hit by a critical attack will also have their maximum hitpoints temporarily reduced by the minimum damage the attack could normally do.
  • Non-player characters hit by a critical attack will receive double the dice in damage. (Normal rules. Max HP reductions are unlikely to negatively impact NPCs.)

Hitpoint Tracking

  • The DM will track all hitpoints, allowing for a more descriptive combat narrative.
  • In combat, a character can make a medicine check as a bonus action to discern the general health of an individual.

Death Saves

  • For each failed death save, the character takes a level of exhaustion. (To a maximum of the fifth level of exhaustion.)
  • Before rolling a death save, the player can choose to have their character saved by the Dark Powers. If they choose to do this, the death save is treated as a natural 20 but the character immediately fails a Powers Check with no roll.

Health and Injury

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