Health and Injury

In the interest of making people hesitate before rushing into violent conflicts, the following changes are being made to recovery, healing, and avoiding death. The goal is to make injury felt, players concerned for their characters, and generally encourage caution and prudent retreats.


  • A short rest will require several hours and a long rest requires a stay of approximately a week in a safe place. This will slow both healing and spell resources, so take care in your planning.


  • Warlocks or other classes that allow for regaining spell slots after a short rest may do so once per long rest normally, but subsequent uses will require a skill check of increasing difficulty. Failure means no further spell slots may be gained until a long rest or some other requirement is met. (Warlocks will test persuasion, and may resolve a failure by performing a task for their master.)

Hitpoint Tracking

  • The DM will track all hitpoints, allowing for a more descriptive combat narrative.
  • In combat, a character can make a medicine check as a bonus action or action to discern the health of an individual.

Death Saves

  • For each failed death save, the character takes a level of exhaustion. (To a maximum of the fifth level of exhaustion.)

Health and Injury

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