Modifications to Magic

Unlike much of Ravenloft, Darkonians tend to view magic as a neutral force. Neither good, nor evil, it is simply a power that is shaped by it’s wielder. That said there is the common phrase, “The first time you see magic is your last.” Magic may be believed to be neutral, but those that wield it are secretive and jealous of their power.

But, the Dark Powers are not neutral. And they do like to meddle.

Changes to Spells

  • Spell descriptions will frequently be tweaked in new and creepy ways. While cosmetic, it tends to show that magic is less stable in Ravenloft.
  • Magic that can harm people directly or indirectly will sometimes buck the caster’s control. (See Hope and Dread.) If this happens, the DM will ask for a spellcasting attribute check against a DC. If the caster fails, the magic will lash out with unintended consequences. This can result in a Powers Check for the caster. (Be very cautious with evocation and necromancy, the DCs will be higher for violent and malevolent magic.)
  • No spells can allow travel out of Ravenloft.
  • No spells can allow travel through a closed domain border.
  • Spells that would allow communication to an entity outside of the domain can be secretly intercepted and answered by the domain’s Dread Lord. This includes spells that receive answers from a cleric’s deity.

Turn Undead

  • Powerful undead will frequently gain a bonus to their saves to resist Turn Undead.
  • Undead Darklords and undead following the instructions of a Darklord have advantage on saves to resist Turn Undead. (In addition to any other bonuses.)

Divine Senses and Detect Evil and Good

  • Intelligent creatures that are targeted by a paladin’s Divine Senses or the spell Detect Evil and Good can attempt to resist being identified. When using the ability or spell, the paladin or caster must make an Insight check against a secret contested Charisma check for the creature. If the paladin or caster succeeds they can feel supernatural power in a creature and typically identify the creature’s type. If they fail, they believe that nothing is out of place.
  • Some locations that have been subjected to great emotional turmoil have a lingering aura of their past events. Divine Senses and Detect Evil and Good may provide some insights or glimpses into what happened in such a place as adjudicated by the DM.

Modifications to Magic

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