Hope and Dread

Hope and Dread are resources that can be spent by the players and GM. They are represented by two sided tokens, with one side representing hope, and the other side dread. Whichever side is facing up is the resource available, and when it is spent it is flipped to the other side. At the start of a session there are a number of Hope and Dread tokens placed out equal to the number of players. The side starting up is determined by flipping the token like a coin.

Additional Hope and Dread tokens can be gained by exceptional roleplaying and in-game demonstration of a character’s traits. The token is awarded at the DM’s discretion, but is always placed on the table with the Hope side face up. (This replaces Inspiration.)

Tokens can be spent for a variety of benefits or drawbacks. In general, Dread token spends produce more potent effects to reinforce the horrific nature of the world of Ravenloft. Once a Hope or Dread token has been spent on an action, additional tokens can be spent regarding the same action, but only of the same type. This prevents the spending of Hope and Dread tokens in equal measure to cancel out effects.

Player Hope Spend Options:

  • Gaining advantage on an Attack, Ability Check, or Save. (Not a Powers Check .)
  • Turning a normal hit on an attack into a critical hit.
  • Giving an NPC disadvantage on an attack or ability check.
  • Ignore one of the following conditions for a round: Blinded, Charmed, Deafened, Exhaustion, Frightened, Paralyzed, Poisoned, and Stunned.
  • Having a previously undocumented mundane item available.
  • A minor positive happenstance, such as running into an NPC, a timely distraction, or other positive effect as adjudicated by the DM.

DM Dread Spend Options:

  • Give a PC disadvantage on an Attack, Ability Check, Save, or Powers Check.
  • Have an NPC succeed on an Attack, Ability Check, or Save that has already been rolled.
  • Turn an NPC’s normal hit into a critical hit.
  • Have an NPC ignore a condition for a round.
  • Have an NPC regain a spell slot. (Equal to the Dread points spent.)
  • Influence a spell, forcing a Player Character to make a save to avoid the magic going out of control. (See Modifications to Magic.)
  • A major negative happenstance, such as an ambush when wounded, an enemy learning a secret, the Mists rising, or other negative effect as detailed by the DM.

In addition to the ability to spend Hope points, the Players can also spend a Dread point at their discretion. This is generally a desperate measure as the player characters are subconsciously projecting their desires onto the evil forces of Ravenloft to twist fate. They will need to immediately make a Powers Check at a high chance of failure to avoid being corrupted.

Player Dread Spend Options:

  • Instead of rolling a Death Saving throw, regain one hit point as if you had rolled a 20 and immediately make a Powers Check . (Must be declared before rolling.)
  • Regain a hit point after failing three Death Saving throws, and immediately FAIL a Powers Check.
  • Succeed on an Attack, Ability Check, or Save you have already rolled and immediately make a Powers Check. (Not including Death Saving throws. See above.)
  • Regain a spent spell slot of up to fifth level and make a Powers Check.
  • Utter a Curse against a character and make a Powers Check.
  • Additional powerful benefits, as negotiated with the DM. Followed by a Powers Check.

Hope and Dread

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