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In the year 750 BC (Barovian Calendar), the largest and most prosperous city in Darkon, Il Aluk, erupted in a blast of necromantic energy that slayed everyone in the city and spread magical fallout throughout the country. Azalin, the wizard-king of Darkon, was in Il Aluk at the time and presumed to be killed. Over the next five years, Death’s Horsemen, civil wars, and new terrors plagued Darkon. In 755 Azalin mysteriously returned to reclaim his throne, and while Il Aluk (now “Necropolis”) has remained a home for the dead and a roadblock to trade, things are starting to show signs of journeying back to normal.

Isabella Hopcott, the heiress of a displaced Il Aluk noble family, is being rewarded for her loyalty to Azalin while he was absent.The party will consist of Isabella’s most trusted friends and advisors. You will be summoned to Castle Avernus to be given a job; oversee the construction of a new trade route, restore a ruined fortress, and defend the region. If you succeed in this, Isabella will retain the title “Transumbra Baronness” and be given the right to tax trade as it comes through. As she rises, so do you.

All players will make a primary character and take on as many secondary characters as they would like. Players may only control one character per scene, and xp will be split between the primary and all secondary characters. Be warned that the forests are full of dangers, and sending a minion to do your bidding will often be prudent.

Time will flow between events, skipping forward between sessions allowing for construction progress and downtime activities.

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Important Places


  • Castle Avernus – Azalin’s castle.
  • Corvia – Dwarven town renouned for artisans and craftsmen.
  • Creeana – Abandoned town planned to be the western end of the Transumbra Road.
  • Forest of Shadows – A dense and forbidding forest that dominates southwest Darkon.
  • Mayvin – Small ex-mining town planned to be the eastern end of the Transumbra Road.
  • Nartok – Wealthy city northwest of Creeana.
  • Necropolis (Il Aluk) – The past trade and culture center of Darkon. Now home to the dead.
  • Fort Penumbra – An abandoned fortification in the Forest of Shadows, on the planned route for the Transumbra Road.
  • Rivalis – Small city. The closest thing you will find to the Shire in Ravenloft.
  • Transumbra Road – A planned road that will connect Mayvin to Nartok and Stangengrad via Creeana.


  • Stangengrad – Closest major city in Falkovnia for trade.



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